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The countdown is on until one of the major cultural events of the year in Papua New Guinea, with the Mt Hagen Cultural Show is just a week away.

Running from August 17 to 18, the Mt Hagen Show celebrates tribal culture and history, bringing people together from all over Papua New Guinea for one of the nation’s largest sing-sings.

A festival of colour, sound, music and revelry, the event is considered one of the must-attend festivals in PNG.

Here’s an insight into what’s in store for the Mt Hagen Show 2019.

Gudmundur (Gummi) Fridriksson, is the CEO of Paga Hill Development Company (PNG) Ltd, overseeing the development of Paga Hill Estate, a world-class, master planned estate located in the heart of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

Gudmundur first arrived in Papua New Guinea over 20 years ago and is passionate about sharing PNG’s natural beauty and diverse cultures with the world. Find out more about Gummi Fridriksson on his website: about the Paga Hill Estate development at

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