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Gummi Fridriksson is passionate about all things PNG and enjoys sharing his vast knowledge, and local insights, through his blogs.

In a country that is renowned for its’ incredible beaches, lush rainforests and outdoorsy lifestyle— it’s no wonder that Papua New Guinea has a love for all things sport. However, it is rugby league that has captured the nation’s attention— and heart.

It has been half a century since Australians first introduced the sport to the people of PNG and since then it has taken on a life of its’ own— and become Papua New Guinea’s national sport— making it the only country in the world to give Rugby League this title.

Now the national team, The Kumuls (named after the bird of paradise in Tok Pisin), ranks 11th in the world. This has cemented PNG’s reputation as a real contender in international matches— so much so that the Rugby World Cup 2017 will host three matches in Port Moresby later this year.

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