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Gummi Fridriksson is passionate about all things PNG and enjoys sharing his vast knowledge, and local insights, through his blogs.

Tourism in Papua New Guinea— like many other islands globally— is becoming big business. With travellers seeking out remote, unique and beautiful experiences— and the influx of business visitors to PNG— the region is thriving off the backbone of tourism and has set big targets for the future.

The number of international arrivals into PNG has grown steadily over the past decade, from 69,200 in 2005 to more than 198,600 last year. Business travellers represent most this growth (61.4%), however the global demand for rare and historically driven travel experiences is further fuel to the fire— with PNG being named one of the National Geographic’s Traveller’s 21 “Best of the World Destinations” for 2017 and 27.2% of all visitors coming to the region for holidaying purposes.

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