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Gummi Fridriksson is passionate about all things PNG and enjoys sharing his vast knowledge, and local insights, through his blogs.

If bird-watching is your thing, look no further than a trip to Papua New Guinea to tickle your avian-admiring feathers. As made famous in the BBC documentary Attenborough in Paradise, the island nation of PNG is home to an incredibly diverse range of approximately 700 bird species, all enjoying the splendour of their natural habitats.

From the famous birds-of-paradise to majestic cassowaries, cuckoos, jewel-babblers, owls and frogmouths, lorikeets, hornbills, bowerbirds, gold-and-black whistlers, cockatoos, parrots, doves, kingfishers, and fairy-wrens, PNG will not disappoint anyone with even a passing penchant for ornithology.

Unlike many other areas of the world, the habitats and climates favoured by PNG’s native bird species have remained largely undisturbed by land development. The lack of predatory animals, which normally threaten native species, has also contributed to a thriving avian population.

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